What IS ethical fashion?

Ethical is relating to moral principles.
Fashion (farshun) refers to clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body.

So ethical fashion is:
The production, distribution and marketing of clothing and accessories using the principles of morality, and with an awareness of its social, environmental and economic impact — making said fashion able to be maintained at a slower pace, lowering overconsumption and waste.

Basically, it’s fashion that looks good and feels good. Fashion that is conceived, made, distributed and worn with the least amount of harm to people, animals and the environment, and the most benefit to communities, and — we believe — to creativity.

Important to note, is that both ethics (what feels right) and fashion (what looks good), are subjective, highly complex and personal. What one person feels comfortable with is quite different to another, so we can never impose our belief system on anyone else. All we can do is seek out information and then make informed decisions that we are comfortable with. Our choices are always our own.