Our Story by Nicky Lobo

The Good Outfit was started in 2017 by old friends Jess Noble and Nicky Lobo aka Studio NoBo. We love ethical fashion, dress-ups and each other. We hate fast fashion, consumerism and waste. The Good Outfit is the culmination of these shared interests.

We are journalists, editors and creatives trying to tackle a big, complex problem in a very real, everyday way. By learning about what ethical fashion is for ourselves, we hope to de-mystify and bring some colour to this very greige world. And — we are not and never have been saints, in the area of fashion, or any other. So The Good Outfit is a preach-free zone, as we are all doing the best we can with the information that’s out there. Our mission is to bring some inspiration, fun and clarity to the world of ethical fashion.

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Our Story by Jess Noble

Chapter One

  • It all started in 2008 when I was hired in my first real journalist’s job at Indesign Media, a big scary publishing house in Sydney. I was 24, and my title was Editorial Assistant. There, on the other side of my new desk, sat the other Editorial Assistant, Nicky Lobo.
  • One hour later, we realised we were the same person with two different heads. Like Ren and Stimpy, only both completely obsessed with vintage fashion.
  • Later that day, we were put in charge of the social committee so we declared every Wednesday ‘Wacky Wednesday’ – a dress-up day to wear wigs, hats and dress up clothes. Our Editorial Director thought it was childish at first, but by the end of the day he was wearing a Fez.
  • Another time, our publisher took us aside at Friday night beers and told us we would run the company one day.
  • Two minutes later, we realised our destiny was to create a ‘very important project’ together.
  • Two weeks later, I left for New York and Nicky stayed and ended up as the most legendary Editor they have ever had.
This is us on Wacky Wednesday in 2008. And this is the Fez that our Editorial Director was wearing by the end of the day.

Chapter Two

  • Almost a decade since our publisher planted the seed of our ‘very important project’, we are still obsessed with fashion and design.
  • Sadly, we are increasingly shocked by the toxic fast-fashion industry. We watch helplessly through our Instagram apps as instant pleasure seeking, celebrity-idolation, and a never-wear-the-same- outfit-twice culture permeates. Fast-fashion is a by-product on the Affluenza virus. Animals are still suffering for fashion. Waste is a serious threat to the future of the human race. More of our sacred environment is still being plundered every second.
  • We don’t pretend to know how to tackle this un-ethical world of fashion, but what we do know is how to research and create content. We know how to use our journalistic skills to de-code big, complex problems and make them easier to digest. 
  • The Good Outfit is multi-media platform exploring ethical fashion, without the beige or the preaching. We aim to encourage a dialogue in an attempt to raise awareness and educate people on how we can slow the fashion industry to a sustainable level.
  • With dialogues, education and awareness, we’re hoping it might be possible to slow the fast.
  • The Good Outfit Youtube channel is coming soon.  
Why not?


An ethical halloween dress-up day in Hyde Park. It was 34-degrees and the wetsuit was like being wrapped in an electric blanket. #worthit


Work meeting


Reunión de trabajo